About MMJ

Establish (History of MMJ)

Masa Oda established and owned Hard core Gym(Crazy House Gym)1996 in japan.
He got a passion for creative work of Japanese Bodybuilding world.
he decided to make japanese bodybuilding video and sale it. In 2000 he started
creative work by himself.This is the start of MMJ history.
Now he produced over 50 dvd titles. MMJ is the largest company of Bodybuilding
DVD (hard core workout video/Contest/fitness/Men and female bodybuilders)
in japan.and we can tell that he is the man “Big Masa”who produce and Direct” “SAMURAI Bodybuilding DVD”

I started Bodybuilding when I was 15 years old.
I learned many things from bodybuilding in my life. It is not only body design,it is about time,money,knowledge,priority,mind,dedication,faith,hope,love,and more.
Bodybuilding is greatest school to me. Even today I keep learning on bodybuilding and
I learn many things from my body. I love bodybuilding.
And now I want to share bodybuilding spirits from SAMURAI Country to all of the world.
I wish you will enjoy our MMJ japanese products.

President Masayuki Oda
IMG_0070.jpgBig Daisuke Kizawa

0000DSCN4939.jpgMR.NIPPON/Masashi Suzuki & MMJ President/Masayuki Oda

CCI00002.jpgIn 1992 MR.HOKKAIDO when Mr.Oda compete first year of Bodybuilding

DSCN5080.jpgMasashi Suzuki, Masa Oda,Koji Godo