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Welcome to Muscle Media Japan!We have finally began to sell Japanese bodybuilding and fitness DVDs
to all of the bodybuilding fans in the world!From the land of the Samurai, we are offering you high quality videos content!!


Welcome to Muscle Media Japan!

image2.jpgAloha MuscleMedia Japan, I would like to congratulate Masa and his staff at Muscle Media Japan for putting out an english version website. I am grateful to have this so I will be informed on the latest news in the bodybuilding industry in Japan. With your hard work and dedication i know that the skies the limit. Good luck and have a healthy day.

IFBB PRO Bodybuilder
Certified Personal Trainer

DSCF0122.jpgGold's Gym Japan and Ironman Japan Staff, Hiroyuki MurakamiAside from bodybuilding and fitness training videos, Muscle Media Japan has sold a lot of Japanese Bodybuilding and Fitness competition DVD’s around the world.

It’s been long time I dreamed and wished to share and show to the world how Japanese bodybuilders love of sports, from hardcore training to clear and razor sharp competition conditions. Finally, launching of Muscle Media Japan website in English has made this possible to showcase what Japanese Bodybuilding has.
All athletes that appeared on the training and contest videos released by MMJ are 100% clean within anti-doping law which is normal in Japan, these are all IFBB-based JBBF contest.

I hope everyone enjoys watching the videos by MMJ.

000_2014799.jpgInternational Dept MMJ/ Tomoko KandaI am very thrilled to announce to you folks, that Muscle Media Japan
Decides to make a Website in English !
Here finally goes Muscle Media Japan English website is launching, that
Lots of people from all over the world waiting for!!
There were so many people from other countries were asking me about
“ How can I order DVD from Japan?” “ I don’t understand Japanese on MMJ site, How do I get to contact to them..” etc etc….
kanda_en_dvd.jpgFinally, the questions are gone for so many bodybuilding and fitness fans, all fans can access to Muscle Media Japan site, because there are all written in English, that is an universal language of all people around the world!! Congrats to MMJ and all the BB fans.

One of MMJ fan, Tomoko Kanda

000kyokai0069.jpgInternational Dept MMJ/Miyako KinoshitaAs a fitness enthusiast finding training was the biggest opportunity of my life, meeting people from different parts of the world which has the same common vision.
I was surprised that Muscle Media Japan has finally launch their website in English, this is great opportunity for everyone especially non Japanese athletes who are curious and are keen to know and understand what is happening in Japan bodybuilding and fitness industry.
It would be a great sharing site to interact and learn the universal language of bodybuilding and fitness, they would be able to know how Japanese athletes are highly strong spirited in these sports .
I am sure that there are a lot of athletes waiting for the English version of the Muscle Media fitnessdiva.jpgJapan, this would be able to bridge the link between the language barriers in order to communicate well to the world and I hope to have more MMJ fans of Japanese bodybuilders and fitness.
More power to MMJ!

Testimonial and MMJ Fan, Miyako Kinoshita (Japan Fitness Diva)

gf1420015143l.jpgWe lost so many lives in Japan from the earthquake that occurred on 11th March, 2011. (Over 25,000 dead or missing) We are still afraid of aftershocks from the earthquake. International volunteers are still helping to look for missing people and other search and recovery efforts. We appreciate the people all around the world who are”praying for
japan”from the bottom of our hearts! All Japanese are now asking what we can really do for this disaster. MMJ has decided to make an English site and part of our profit earned from the site will go to help people who suffered from the earth quake. Let’s keep praying for Japan.